Wednesday, September 05, 2007

kuma's rock and roll selection vol. 1

i guess it has almost been 2 years since miyoko took the clear cd that comes at the top of a cd spindle and decorated it with the album title "kuma's rock and roll selection vol. 1". the 4 songs titles she came up with were all summaries of long, involved stories that we made up for our bear, kuma (except for maybe #2). "i like salmon" deals with kuma being brought up in alaska before moving south (he didn't eat seals like all his polar bear friends). broken bike is the story of kuma's perpetually broken motor cycle (which, when running, he sometimes goes on rides with robert schneider of the apples in stereo).

at some point, i thought it would be fun to actually record the cd and give it to miyoko as a present (from kuma, of course). it took me about 6-7 months to actually get around to doing it (i did the songs on the 2 nights a week miyoko worked for about a month), but was pretty happy with how they all turned out. then i got some pictures of kuma running the board during the sessions to make a cd jacket.

here for the first time for the world to enjoy is kuma's rock n' roll selection vol. 1 (contrary to what is written above, all songs are written, recorded and produced by kuma. they are performed by ricky)

01. I like Salmon
02. My little sister, Haruko.mp3
03. Broken Bike
04. Working is Tough.mp3

Update: Kuma's Rock and Roll Selection vol. 1 + a bonus song is now available through WeePOP! Records! The cd includes amazing screen printed art work/story book by our buddy todd!

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