Sunday, November 04, 2007

november is national solo album month

not only is november national novel writing month is it also national solo album month. i thought i'd give it a try. the only rule is that the album must be at least 29:09 minutes long and contain only 1 cover.

since almost nothing i write is over 2:30 minutes long, my cd will need around 14 tracks. so 3 a week for 4 weeks -- tripling my current pace.

the only way i saw this happening was if i took out all of the overdubs i do and somehow simplified the process of trying to figure out what to write a song about.

my solution was pretend to be a 60s band with 4 (possibly 5) members -- 2 guitarists, a bassist and a drummer (and maybe a keyboardist). all can sing (but they all sound the same).

this also simplifies what to write songs about, as every song will obviously be about a girl.

originally i thought that i wouldn't post any until i was done. but, after recording and re-recording parts i want input. i wrote these 2 songs (neither of which are that great), but i am really not very happy with the sound. they don't sound 60s to me...and i don't know why. i've tried to reverb out most everything...but i listen to these and then i listen to the troggs and the recordings don't sound anything like each other...the troggs sound cool and mine sound stupid...

so, please, leave feedback and give me any suggestions you have. (suggestions for songs would also be appreciated).

she doesn't see me
i gotta know now


At 9:19 PM , Blogger h. fozzelberry said...

i like your lead guitarist/backup vocalist.

see me definitely needs some toy piano.

At 1:04 PM , Blogger magicmarker said...

more fuzz!

At 12:22 PM , Blogger pla said...

hey, i don't think they sound stupid!

as far as a more troggs-y sound. i think the drums are perhaps a little too clean and mixed a little high. maybe jack up the treble and see if that makes them sound a little more crummy and tinny?

maybe you should try dropping the vocals to cassette or something to fuzz them up a bit. also, i wasn't kidding about mixing in mono. it can make it all sound nice and flat, muddy, and warm. (plus, the panning on the drums is perhaps a little too polished-sounding - the ride is probably a little too clear, esp. on "see me")

also, nice key change!


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