Friday, September 21, 2007

song of the this week (and last week)

sorry internets, i'm making this week's song span two weeks. i spent last weekend in upstate ny at a wedding and didn't quite have the drive to do two songs in a shortened week.

the inspiration for this song comes from a couple of weeks ago (sept 8th to be exact). i went to see the brunettes play as part of sub pop's night at music fest nw. they were amazing, but since it was a festival setting their set was cut devastatingly short.

the next performer was eugene mirman. i still have issues with why a band should have to cut their set so short so that a stand up comedian can set up...and also as to why a comedian was even part of music festival, but this is neither the time or the place...

so i did my best to pay attention to eugene during the parts that i wasn't fuming about only getting to see 30 minutes of the brunettes. part of his routine was making fun of a book for kids about rock n' roll. from the sounds of it the book encouraged children to imagine what it would be like to be rock stars and at one point encourage them to write songs. one of the song ideas that the book gave, and eugene used as a joke, was called "where is the cat."

that seemed like a more than reasonable song title to me, though it apparently works well as a joke as well. so without further ado:

where is the cat


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